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About Us

The staff at the Water Tunnel Car Wash in Templestowe welcome you to experience the best full service vehicle cleaning on offer. Whether your vehicle needs a quick clean or a full wash, vac and detail, our friendly staff can assist in selecting the best option for you.

Conveniently located at 1-11 Fitzsimons Lane in Templestowe (Crn Porter St), we cater for self-serve customers with 3 individual wash bays, an in bay automatic wash system, 8 vacum stands all with fragrance applicators and a dedicated dog wash facility, all available 24/7. Alternatively, luxuriate your vehicle from our full service menu.

Come in and experience Melbourne’s best full service car wash and enjoy our cafe, surf the net, read the paper or sit on our outdoor deck and relax on us. If you are in a hurry, rush through our quick service that will have you clean in under 4 minutes. Don’t forget our drive through gourmet coffee service even if you are just passing by. Visit us today and experience customer satisfaction first hand.

"We welcome you to experience First Class, First Hand"