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The Water Tunnel Car Wash is the foremost leader of technological advancement in automated Car Wash systems within Australia. We are proud of our environmentally friendly car wash status, which is due to years of research, design and implementation of a highly sophisticated and complex system.

While many other car washes boast 5 star water efficiency, The Water Tunnel is a purpose built car wash constructed to suit our customer’s demands and changing environmental circumstances. We have not upgraded an inefficient and outdated system but designed and built a system to meet the demands of global climate change.

With an in ground 120,000 litre biological reclaim system, two 90,000 litre in ground rain harvest tanks, 15,000 litre purification system, a desalination plant successfully purifying water into drinking quality, 100% recycling capabilities from our 130ft wash tunnel, The Water Tunnel Car Wash is proud to boast that it is the most technologically advanced Car Wash in Australia.

Other design features of our environmentally friendly Water Tunnel Car Wash



Our nozzles that spray the water on the vehicles are designed to focus the water into a specific location that increases the pressure while reducing the volume of water. This allows us to maximize the effectiveness of the water without waste.


With electric eyes and in ground tyre sensors, our sophisticated computer system is able to measure the car as it enters the car wash knowing exactly where all four corners of the car and each tyre are located. This ensures that each piece of equipment is programmed to spray water and bio degradable soaps exactly to where it is should be applied.

Cleaning Solutions

Our biological water reclaim system is unable to treat any acidic or other harmful chemicals through is multiple processes of water purification. This ensures that the Water Tunnel Car Wash uses only 100% bio degradable and environmentally friendly chemicals.


Our electrical motors are all run via variable frequency drives (VFD’s) allowing The Water Tunnel Car Wash to run its electrical motors and air blowers at a programmable ramp up rate, which will not allow any spiking of electrical current. This also ensures our motors all run at their optimal levels, reducing electrical drain out of the grid.

"Yes! We recycle 100% of our water making it safer for the environment."